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What Is a Toilet Seat Ventilation Fan?

You’re probably already familiar with a standard ventilation fan, and we’re willing to bet that you already have them in your home’s bathrooms! Standard ventilation fans are typically found in the ceiling, and when powered on, fan circulation draws air up and out of your home via ductwork that leads out through the roof.

So what, then, is a toilet seat ventilation fan? You may have already guessed, and we know that you’re smart and savvy, so you know where we’re going with this. A toilet seat ventilation fan system acts like a standard ventilation fan, only the air you’re trying to trap and remove never even leaves the toilet! Voila!

Standard Air Ventilation System Vs. A Toilet Seat Ventilation System – What Gives?

If you’re trying to keep odor, air, and bacteria contained in your bathroom, you’re probably already using your standard bathroom air ventilation system. And kudos, truly. But that’s only step one. A toilet seat ventilation system traps odor, air, and bacteria in the toilet and never lets any of it escape into the broader bathroom area, including through the central air duct system, which can pollute the entire building (home or office).

Toilet, bathroom – same, right? Nope. A toilet seat ventilation system is cleaner and so much more sanitary than anything else out there. Standard ventilation systems may trick you into thinking the odor has been removed from the room, but fan systems actually spread germs and bacteria over every single surface of your bathroom. Yup, that includes your toothbrush, hairbrush, and towel! They can even spread into other rooms of your home. Gross, just gross.

Introducing JonEvac®!

The great news for toilet users, i.e. everyone, is that you don’t need to get rid of your toilet. You don’t need to resort to using an outhouse to keep your home free from odor, bacteria, and disgusting poop particles each time your toilet is flushed. The JonEvac® system is here to save the day!

The patented JonEvac® toilet seat ventilation system stealthily whisks away seeping toilet odors and dangerous airborne bacteria that invisibly fill the air every time you use the restroom. The JonEvac® system uses charcoal air filtration that stops the stink from escaping the toilet and spreading to the rest of your home or office. It uses ventilation system technology that you already trust, but it goes to the source of the odor and germy bacteria (the toilet) to prevent the yuck from escaping in the first place.

We’re certain you’ll be thrilled with your JonEvac® system! It’s easy to install and goes to work right away, purifying your toilet and bathroom. All you have to do is turn it on and enjoy fresh, clean air! They will never know you were there.

Looking for more information? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for even more about the JonEvac® System!