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JonEvac® for commercial, medical, hospitality

Stay one giant step ahead of your competitors with our revolutionary and patented JonEvac® Ventilated Toilet Seat System in your commercial restrooms. Ideal for use in a single occupant restroom or any large commercial building or property where multiple toilet stalls present serious comfort and health problems for your clients, guests, or employees. Whether your client is occupying a hotel room or hospital room, JonEvac makes their next restroom visit a pleasant and healthier experience. Imagine the effects of adding “odor-free restrooms” to your marketing messages, and the impact of an enhanced guest’s experience on your occupancy rate if you’re in the hospitality business. No one enjoys visiting a polluted restroom, so give your clients the gift of a JonEvac “odor-free” restroom experience and increase their satisfaction as well as your occupancy rate and bottom line. Here’s our “bottom line”If you can smell “it”, you need JonEvac!

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Gyms
  • Restaurants

JonEvac® leaves your bathroom fresher and cleaner!

  • Eliminates embarrassing odors and offensive toilet smells.
  • Remove dangerous airborne health threats, including bacteria and germs that stick to your clothes, hair, toothbrush, towels and surfaces near the “drop zone”.
  • Leave a cleaner, fresher, and healthier restroom for your employees, clients, and guests.

JonEvac® Commercial Central System

For commercial restrooms with rows of multiple toilets, JonEvac® may connect to a higher capacity central vacuum and filtration system hidden from view behind the wall or placed in the space above a drop ceiling. In these commercial toilet applications, this system replaces the smaller filter housing typically placed behind the toilet in a single toilet or “home” installation.

Contact our sales team

Our JonEvac® sales team can answer your questions and help you with your commercial order including:

  • Customer service and product options
  • Installation, assembly, and maintenance information
  • Delivery and shipping, tracking your order
  • Commercial bulk rate pricing for commercial customers and reordering
  • Purchase orders and other payment options

If you have questions or need assistance with placing a wholesale order for resale or placing a bulk order for installation in your corporate, institutional, or commercial restrooms, please contact our sales office at 713-995-5500 or email