Stealth technology
for your toilet

The new JonEvac® toilet seat ventilation system removes unpleasant odors and dangerous airborne bacteria directly from the toilet bowl before they can escape. The stink cannot escape the bowl to leave a trail of carnage in its wake. No more awful smells wafting through your home or office. Avoid the humiliating embarrassment of leaving a stinky bathroom for your partner, family, or coworkers. Our patented charcoal filtration system fits neatly behind your toilet and destroys foul odors before they strike.

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Eliminate stinky bathroom embarrassment with JonEvac®

Eliminate embarrassing odors and offensive toilet smells with JonEvac’s patented stealth technology. Stealthy in and out!

Remove dangerous airborne health threats, including bacteria and germs, so it’s safer for your friends and family.

Leave a cleaner, fresher, and safer bathroom for everyone.

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JonEvac® removes airborne bacteria and germs

The truth is we love our toilets. Like a co-conspirator or closer than close friend. They share our most intimate secrets. Our toilet quickly siphons out water and waste in a cleansing swirling watery vortex giving us instant relief and whisking away the evidence of our own personal toxic bio-hazard.

But toilets create a problem when flushing, tiny water and waste droplets carrying bacteria, germs, odor, urine, and poopy matter are released into the air coating your clothes, hair, towels, bathroom counters, sinks and even your toothbrush! Ewwww! JonEvac’s powerful ventilation at the toilet seat sucks out all the yuck keeping you cleaner, healthier, and safer.

The patented JonEvac toilet seat ventilation system stealthily whisks away terrible potty odors and dangerous airborne bacteria that invisibly fill the air every time you use the restroom. The charcoal air filtration system stops the stink from escaping the toilet and spreading to the rest of your home or office. All you have to do is turn it on and enjoy fresh, clean air! They will never know you were there.

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Introducing JonEvac®

The new JonEvac® toilet seat ventilation system removes unpleasant odors and dangerous airborne bacteria straight from the toilet bowl before they can escape. Watch this introduction to JonEvac® as we explain this dynamic new toilet seat ventilation system for home or business.

It is easy and quick to install. Start breathing cleaner, fresher air in your bathroom today and stop worrying about embarrassing smelly potty odors.