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The stealth design secret behind JonEvac®

In a word, it sucks. Yes sucks, but in a good way.

The patented JonEvac® air filtration system hidden snugly behind the toilet stops the foulest stink from escaping the toilet and spreading to the rest of your home with air suction. All you have to do is turn it on and enjoy the smell of fresh air!

stealth technology

So how does JonEvac® successfully suck noxious odor, airborne bacteria, and germs from the air around you before they can do any damage? The design seems simple but ingenious. Where common toilet cover-up air sprays, matches, candles, or water spritzers fail, Jon Evac succeeds. The secret is the suction that traps odor and bacteria inside the charcoal filters stored within the filtration housing where they are deodorized and eliminated forever. The toilet seat has ventilation grooves cut in the underside of each side of the JonEvac® seat. The design acts like a built-in exhaust fan that captures odors in the bowl and whisks them away safely venting them into the charcoal filter system.

JonEvac® installation is painless

The installation process involves removing your old seat, and simply attaching the new JonEvac® seat in its place. Two white plastic vacuum hoses attach to the vented bolts attaching the toilet, then connect into the JonEvac® filtration housing unit. The housing is affixed to the wall behind the toilet, or it may rest on a flat, non-carpeted floor surface on four pre-mounted legs. Plug in the thin white 110-240v power adapter cord included and you’re all set.

If you do not have standard electrical plug nearby, a licensed electrician can quickly install one for less than $200.00 depending on local building codes and what part of the country you live in. Don’t worry about that additional installation expense. Besides eliminating horrible poop smells, you will also eliminate monthly spending on air sprays and cover-up products that can quickly amount to $100 or more in the first year alone. Think instead of the money you will save over time with JonEvac®.