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JonEvac® beats common cover-ups for smelly toilet trips

This is an uncomfortable talk, but it doesn’t have to be. We all go to the bathroom and let’s face it, terrible smelling poops are a fact of life; either our own nasty deed or our spouse’s, children’s, co-workers, even strangers.  The good news is it’s totally normal for your poop to smell. We have the many sulfurous compounds that end up in stool to thank for the stinky scent.

Beat common odor coverup

Almost all of us have some secret method for disguising our embarrassing smelly handiwork behind closed doors. Until now, that had to do. We’ll explore the top cover and conceal methods that we use to hide the odor. First you have to understand how JonEvac® has changed everything,

JonEvac’s patented design and stealth technology creates a ventilated toilet seat and charcoal filtration system that draws rotten smells and even airborne bacteria directly from the toilet bowl through plastic tubing behind the toilet and into a filtration unit, where they are never to offend our senses again. JonEvac’s pre-emptive suction design keeps your bathroom smelling fresh and clean without any need for common cover-ups we have all relied on.

Six favorite cover-ups for stinky bathrooms

Our informal, less than scientific polling reveals no less than six all-time favorites for attempting to cover-up embarrassing stinks that overwhelm others. Here’s our list.

Lighting a candle – MMmmmm! Everyone loves the covering scent of vanilla butterscotch and fecal dirt. Yuck! Not really. Forget it. Plus, you could catch a towel on fire.

The Courtesy Flush – It doesn’t matter how fast you flush, the smell outraces your flick of the handle. Too late. Flushing also sends a swirling unseen cloud of germs and bacteria into the air all around you, sticking to your clothes, hair, towels, and toothbrush! Why do you think they put lids on toilets?

Striking a match – An oldie but a goodie. Many American households cling to this tradition of keeping books of matches near the toilet. (Usually, hotel or restaurant matchbooks for some reason.) In effect, you’re trying to overpower one burning sulfurous smell with another. Strike three, you’re out!

Air Sprays – Febreze or Glade cans, colognes, body sprays, we’ve tried ‘em all. These don’t do the trick either. You have to spray so much the combination of scents can make you want to vomit, and that toilet bowl is the last place you want to think about plunging your face inside!

Bowl sprays and spritzers – Poo~Pourri ran some funny ads. Similar bowl sprays include essential oils that are sprayed into the bowl water before you go, but these just end up smelling like a disgusting mélange of stanky poo and the scent of your choice, Yesterday’s rot-gut pot roast and onions mixed with Wild Poppy Berry. Nice try, but ick!

Soapy Hands – This desperate bathroom cover-up might be the funniest when imagining the scene. Soaped up sudsy hands wave and waft frantically through the poopy air in a vain attempt to defeat the odor of death just left behind.

Look, none of these desperation methods can compare to the modern design and stealth technology put into each JonEvac® ventilated toilet seat. JonEvac® succeeds where these common cover-up methods fail, by circumventing the problem at the source and removing them from the toilet bowl BEFORE they contaminate your bathroom air space. Case closed.