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The Jon-E-Vac® Toilet Seat Ventilation System Will Eliminate Odor and Bacteria from Your Bathroom!

The Jon·E·Vac® toilet seat system works by removing odor and trapping/killing the bacteria directly from the toilet bowl. The system is easy to install with no extra plumbing required. It is compatible with any pre-existing toilet. Jon·E·Vac® is also ideal for residential and commercial restrooms.

The most difficult part of any home to keep clean is the bathroom: no matter how much you sanitize and scrub, you just know that awful toilet smell will come back. It doesn’t have to be this way, though–with the Jon-E-Vac® odor control system, you never have to worry about post-use bathroom stench again. Jon-E-Vac® removes odor and traps/kills bacteria directly from the toilet bowl, ensuring a clean, stench-less bathroom every time. As a clean, efficient, and easy-to-use alternative to less functional and even downright dangerous “solutions” to bathroom odor, Jon-E-Vac® assures you greater time, energy, and priceless peace of mind.

The Jon-E-Vac® is Extremely Easy to Use!

Jon-E-Vac® is simple to use. Using our retrofit system, the device rests inconspicuously behind or beside the toilet. It can be configured to engage manually by flipping a simple switch, by remote control or automatically when it detects light. This latter option is ideal for homes with elderly individuals who might have trouble engaging a manual device. The Jon-E-Vac® is highly efficient and nearly silent while running, using less energy than a bathroom fan. It functions in a much higher capacity without all the inconvenient noise such fans tend to generate.

The Jon-E-Vac® is easy to install. Check out the Video Below to see just how easy it is. Anyone can do it!

Keep Your Bathroom Odorless with Jon-E-Vac®

Jon-E-Vac® toilet ventilation system

You will want a Jon-E-Vac® Toilet Ventilation System on every toilet in your house.

Jon-E-Vac® is the next level in toilet odor and bacteria elimination: it’s more effective, more efficient, and easier to use than traditional solutions, and comes with an unrivaled level of commitment and customer care on our part. Whether you’re a business trying to please customers with a pleasant, odorless bathroom, or just a family trying to keep healthy, Jon-E-Vac® is made to suit your every need.

Here at Jon-E-Vac®, we believe that loyalty to the customer is the heart of any good business. That’s why we have consistently refused to cut corners in the production of our toilet seats, and in building lasting business relationships with our supporters. Finally, all Jon-E-Vac® products are designed and constructed here in the United States, allowing us to carefully ensure that you enjoy the best bathroom experience possible.