Jon-E-Vac® ESO-202 Elongated Seat Open Front without Lid


The ESO-202 unit is designed for the commercial bathroom with an open front seat. All the Jon-E-Vac® units come with the filter fan housing and hoses, everything you need to have a safe, bacteria free, odorless bathroom.

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Jon-E-Vac® Model ESO-202 | ESO-202M Elongated Seat Open Front (without Lid).

Commercial Toilet Seats: Why You Should Choose Jon-E-Vac®

One of the biggest problems with standard commercial toilet seats is their tendency to develop cracks over time, often due to the low quality of the materials they are made with. All Jon-E-Vac® retrofit toilet seats, however, are made of heavy-duty injection molded polypropylene plastic with stainless steel components, ensuring a long lifespan during which the seat will be free of cracks and other structural blemishes. Furthermore, the Jon-E-Vac® seats’ unique construction ensures that the seat will be easy to clean and far less likely to bear lasting stains.

Every Jon-E-Vac® toilet ventilation system comes with the award-winning JS-002 Filter Fan Housing and all the hardware needed to install it. Choose which type of switch you want from the drop-down menu below. The standard model (ESO-202) comes with a wireless remote control, while the manual model (ESO-202) comes with a manual toggle switch.

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