Jon-E-Vac® ESC-101 Elongated Seat Closed Front with Lid


Every Jon-E-Vac® toilet ventilation system comes with the award-winning JS-002 Filter Fan Housing and all the hardware needed to install it. Choose which type of switch you want from the dropdown menu below. The standard model (ESC-101) comes with a wireless remote control, while the manual model (ESC-101M) comes with a manual switch.

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The Jon-E-Vac® bathroom odor elimination system is famous for its ability to trap and annihilate bathroom odors and bacteria, but less well known are the qualities of the Jon-E-Vac® retrofit system’s seats. Our toilet seats, which can easily replace nearly any shape or variety of pre-existing seat, have a number of advantages over standard toilet seats in both quality and durability. Switching to a Jon-E-Vac® retrofit seat has huge benefits not just in bathroom sanitation, but in your overall bathroom experience.

The Jon-E-Vac® ESC-101 Elongated Seat Closed Front with Lid comes with the Filter Fan housing.

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