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Why Your Home Should Have a Jon-E-Vac® Bathroom Ventilation System

The world is a dirty place, full to the brim with grime and grit. In most homes, there is but one impenetrable oasis of cleanliness set away from the muck of the outside world: the bathroom. Unfortunately, the bathrooms in most homes are not as clean as they appear. Even if spotless on the outside, lingering bacteria and unpleasant odors can present a persistent problem for homeowners. Fortunately, there is a solution: the JON-E-VAC® toilet seat and bathroom ventilation system are guaranteed ways to preserve the sanitation of your home’s bathroom with a minimum of cost, work, and fuss.

Bathroom Odor Eliminated

JON-E-VAC® has clear advantages over more traditional solutions. Air fresheners can only mask bathroom odors while doing nothing about bacteria, while electric fans are far less effective in eliminating odors and blow toilet-bowl bacteria all over your bathroom. By way of contrast, our toilet seat traps odors and bacteria within the toilet before eliminating them, insuring that they stay far away from your nose, as well as your toothbrush. Furthermore, the entire JON-E-VAC® bathroom ventilation system uses less power than a typical electric fan, and works more quietly to boot.

One of the best things about the JON-E-VAC® toilet seat bathroom ventilation system is that it works in any home. Our retrofit system makes it easy to attach a toilet seat to any existing toilet, and can be done at home in less than an hour. Meanwhile, our deluxe central system is ideal for new construction or more expensive rebuilding projects, as well as businesses that need to handle several toilets, and can even be installed in homes.

Jon-E-Vac® removes bacteria
Jon-E-Vac® eliminates toilet odor.
No matter which you choose, maintenance is a snap: our carefully-designed cartridge and hose system ensures that you can keep your JON-E-VAC® bathroom ventilation system running by yourself, quickly, and without interfering with your day to day life.

We know how important it is to retain the image of one’s bathroom, and so we’ve carefully calculated the aesthetics of the JON-E-VAC® to appeal to any homeowner. Our retrofit system is small enough to fit snugly behind one’s toilet, and the smooth casing around the device presents a nondescript, modern appearance. Our central system, meanwhile, is built into the wall of the home, so as to maintain a clean and odor-free bathroom with complete subtlety.

While guests will appreciate the sanitation and lack of unpleasant odors the JON-E-VAC® bathroom ventilation system makes possible, the real benefit to using our product is peace of mind for yourself and your family. Every year thousands of people become ill after inhaling the same bathroom bacteria our system traps and kills. Even aside from the health angle, there are few things in life more rejuvenating than a pleasant, odorless bathroom experience. Providing that experience is truly our purpose here at JON-E-VAC®.